Role of the APC

As the governing body of Highland Academy Charter School, The Academic Policy Committee (Board) fulfills three main functions:

  • Stewardship of the Mission and Vision

    • Establishing and maintaining a clear mission and vision
    • Ensuring adherence to the spirit of the charter
    • Seeking and acting on data on student growth and achievement
    • Continuously evaluating the effectiveness of the academic program
    • Setting Board goals accompanied by self-evaluation and accountability 
  • Financial Oversight

    • Ensuring clarity of discretionary spending
    • Approving purchases over $2500
  • Long-range planning

    • Evaluating the viability of a new educational facility
    • Partnering with businesses
    • Aspring to be be a "lighthouse" school for the Anchorage School District
    • Seeking transportation solutions so that location is not a barrier to enrollment 

 Board Self-Evaluation 2016-17

Board Self-Evaluation 2015-16