Parking Lot Info

‌There is no easily recognizable traffic pattern at Highland Academy. When dropping off students in the morning and pickup up in the afternoon please follow the following procedures:


  • DRIVE SLOWLY - Students may be crossing the drop-off/pick-up lane to get to their own cars.
  • Pick up and drop off only in the line. Having students exit cars or cross traffic to meet cars in other parts of the parking lot is hazardous.
  • When exiting the drop-off/pick-up line, please go around the buidling rather than doubling back through the parking lot.
  • Avoid doubling up the drop-off/pick-up line as there is not enough room for two lines as well as a through lane.
  • Finally, safety is always our top priority when it comes to our students. We typically do not have enough staffing for traffic duty, but if you do see a Highland staff member or administrator, please respect his/her authority in the parking lot.