Role of the APC

The Academic Policy Committee (Board) of Highland Academy fulfills three main functions:

  • Stewardship of the Mission and Vision
  • Financial Oversight
  • Long-range planning

The APC is made up of representatives from the business community, parent community, staff, and student population of Highland Academy. The principal acts as ex officio and is not a voting member of the Board. The Academic Policy Committee meets on the second Tuesday of every other month at Highland and all members of the Highland Academy community are invited to attend meetings.

Highland Academy Board Values

The Academic Policy Committee values:

  • A community-wide understanding of the mastery based system of education, including teachers passionate about and effective in executing the model, as well as students and parents who understand and are committed to the model

  • Expanded opportunities for student learning and leadership; voice and choice, a sense of community, and connections to the outside community

  • A safe and respectful learning environment that promotes and nourishes CORE values
    • A commitment to building and maintaining student enrollment so that Highland might pursue a more permanent facility that best meets student needs.

Board Self-Evaluation 2015-16